Weekly Investment Idea Contest

Investment Idea Contest Overview

Each week’s investment idea contest winners will receive a $100 cash prize, sent via PayPal to the user’s registered e-mail address. Entry is free.

All quality articles will receive a $20 Honorable Mention, sent via PayPal to the user’s registered e-mail address. All Winners and Honorable Mentions will be eligible to be included in future publications by IncomeInvestor.Com or affiliates.

We welcome all investment ideas, such as stock ideas, bond ideas, or fund ideas. As this is an income-oriented site, we favor ideas geared toward generating investment income. Nonetheless, you may enter ideas that do not pay income now if you believe they will generate future income. Income Investor’s editorial staff selects each week’s winner.

Entering Your Investment Idea

The ideal entry is around 800-1,000 words and gives an in-depth analysis of one or more income-related investments. See our Stocks page for some examples. A good format to model your writing on would have the following sections:

  1. Summary: 3-5 bullet points with the investment idea’s key points and conclusion
  2. Description: 1-2 paragraphs on what the company does, its market position, geographic breakdown, etc. If the investment idea is a fund or bond, discuss what the issuer does.
  3. Valuation: One paragraph or table with the investment idea’s key ratios that determine how you value it versus. Along with this, compare it to its industry, the market, and its own history. For example, price to earnings, price to book, enterprise value to earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation & amortization (EBITDA), etc.
  4. Analysis: 3-5 paragraphs focusing on the key points, such as financial strength, products or services, growth prospects, market penetration, severity of competition or similar products available elsewhere, strength of the management team, etc.
  5. Conclusion: One paragraph discussing your conclusion, price target, etc.

Our editorial staff will select winners based on the quality of the idea, the analytical discussion, and the clarity of the writing.

Rules to Enter the Investment Idea Contest

  1. You must register on this site to post (registration is free).
  2. By posting you certify that this is your own work, you hold the copyright, and you are granting us permission to publish it on our site and in any subsequent printed publications.
  3. We encourage posting links to your article on social media or other sites.
  4. We will announce winners within seven days of the contest end. For example, if the contest ends on Sunday, we will announce the winner by the following Sunday.
  5. We will only make payments via PayPal, sent to your registered email address within one week after announcing the winner. The recipient is responsible for any PayPal fees. We will not send payment by any other method.
  6. No feedback will be provided if we do not choose your idea.
  7. If we do not choose your idea in a given week, you are welcome to resubmit it in a subsequent week.
  8. Winners and honorable mentions are welcome to enter subsequent contests with a different idea.

Thank you for participating! We look forward to reading your work. Press the blue “Compete” button below to participate (viewable to registered users). You can only participate in active contests, not “Upcoming” contests. Please check the date the contest begins before attempting to participate. The active contest is on on the home page.